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About Me

I strongly believe that for anything to happen we need to trust ourselves and learn to adapt. Most of us think trusting ourselves means to not listen to others. However that is not true. I like to listen and learn. I am a self-learner and an innovate person. A good challenge is what I always look for. So, I keep searching for something that challenges me and try to solve it. That has become a hobby now and it does keep my mind fresh and calm.

When I take up something, I do it because I want to and if I am not comfortable with it in the beginning I will try and adapt to the situation. However, this is not something I would prefer doing all the time but if the situation demands I can be very flexible.

I have worked in a lot of teams and also held responsible positions. It was great experience for me because it changed the way I look at work. Working in teams is extremely helpful for any project and now I am confident that I can lead and work in a team without any problems.

New technology excites me, it motivates me and drives me. I am an Engineer because of that reason. I don’t want to make the entire world better with one invention, rather I would love to contribute in anyway I can to make the lives of people better everyday with small things that help everyone. It doesn’t mean I am not ambitious but it means that I know the amount of effort, talent and hard work that goes into a great invention. I am willing to give my 100% but I am also aware of the limits of my thinking process.

In conclusion, I am a hard worker who knows the value of team effort. I like to consider myself a self-learner because most of the things I know are because of my curiosity and self-learning capability. I respect others decision, however, I would always like to put my opinion on the table.



I often like to write all my thoughts somewhere and that is how I ended up writing 3 blogs.When I was in eighth class, I started a blog called Recapturing the Moments, where I mostly wrote opinionated articles. Later in my 1st year college, I started a book blog which helped me record the greatest things in my reading journey and I have been in love with book blogging ever since. Last year, my enthusiasm for modern technology overpowered all other physical and emotional constraints. Against my better judgment, I did start my third blog. I know it is very difficult to write three active blogs and I am struggling every day to do just that.

However, writing is my tool to stay calm and composed. I also maintain a personal diary and write all about my reactions and feelings. Some of you might feel that this is not a great habit but I would disagree with you. It helped me shape my personality many a times. Often we are not aware of our actions and we regret it later. We never really take it seriously and correct ourselves, but having a reflective journal like the one I have, will keep you in the loop of all the little annoying things you do.

It helped me overcome my introversion and made me a different person today. I was really shy and I was not an ideal person to have a causal talk. Leave me in a roomful of people and it is a disaster. However, I corrected my self and learned from everything I did wrong through my reflective journal.

That is not the only writing I do actually. I attempt to write short stories and plots for fiction stories. However, I have never completed anything. I am not proud of it but I will try and learn to be a better writer. May be one day I will actually write something noteworthy to put up in my website. I always tend to get lost in the middle of the story and never get to the end, may be this is something that I have to change!


Robotics and Micro-controllers

  • Verilog
  • DSP tool kit and PDE tool kit, Image Processing tool kit (basics)
  • Arduino Coding
  • Python (Basics)

Web Development

  • C
  • Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Node JS
  • Google Firebase Back-end Development and Database Management


  • Event Management
  • Blogging (Creative Writing)


I have held many positions where I had to work in a team and I love doing it. This is a short description of everything I did during my three years of college.

Sep'17 - Now

Blogger at Technovortex

My passion for writing as well as technology drove me into starting a tech blog called I post latest technology related articles and other discoveries I make in my blog. It is a memoir of all technology adventures I do everyday online. Technovortex is a team of three talented writers and tech enthusiasts. I have been contributing and editing the articles in Technovortex for at least 7 months now.

Feb'18 - Now

IEEE Student Branch Treasurer

As a Treasurer of the IEEE Student Branch, Bangalore, I have made budget estimates and budget planning for events organized by IEEE Student Branch and also participated avidly in the event organizing committee. I was a core team member of the AI of Things event which is to be organized in July 2018.

Feb'17 - Now

Co-Founder, SculpIt

SculpIt is a market research project my friend and I started in February of 2017. The idea is that 3D Prininting is so costly and in most cases it not a affordable option. Most of the 3D Printing is used only for prototyping purposes. With SculpIt, we were able to explore the depths of 3D Printing even more and made this amazing technology available to people who don’t know the basics of 3D Printing. Along the way we created some really creative product design that can be printed and used daily. Our main aim was to give these products at an affordable price bracket and we did just that.

Jun'16 -Jun'17

Executive Member of ECIF

In my second of year of college, I was selected as an Executive Member of Electronics, Communication and Instrumentation Forum. This forum is very popular in our college since it deals with organizing events related to practical applications of my engineering branch. This was a unique experience for me. I had to constantly think of creative and innovative ways to come up with ideas for events that would make the students understand the engineering concepts lucidly. It was challenging and hard but that is why I applied for the position. I also gave seminars on thriving engineering topics like, HyperLoop, True Wireless Charging, Modular Robotics and others.


These posts are mainly from my three blogs. You can go ahead and read them. If you like them, you can head to the actual blog and read other posts too!


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KTH Royal Insitutute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden