About me

I am an Electronics and Communication Engineering student with inexplicable interest and passion towards Networks and Communications. Throughout my schooling and college, I have been a constant academic achiever with GPA above 9. My keen interest on research in Communication Engineering has given me extra motivation to learn more about the same.

As a Networking enthusiast I have taken part in various workshops and seminars. I have been part of Electronics Forums and Entrepreneurship Clubs in college. Out of the curiosity that 3D Printing brings, my friend and I have started SculpIt, a 3D printing aggregator.

Resume PDF: Sritha_Bandla_Resume_KTH


Robotics and Micro-controllers

  • Verilog
  • DSP tool kit and PDE tool kit, Image Processing tool kit (basics)
  • Arduino Coding
  • Python (Basics)

Web Development

  • C
  • Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Node JS
  • Google Firebase Back-end Development and Database Management


  • Event Management
  • Blogging (Creative Writing)



Electronics, Communication, Instrumentation Forum – (2016- 2017)

  • Conducted events like Electronica (Electronics Hackathon), Pradarshan (Electronics Project Exhibition)
  • on contemporary technologies like Modular Robotics, Wireless Charging (COTA Wireless Charging HUB).


Amrita Centre for Entrepreneurship (2015 – 2016)

  • Organized several events to inspire students to take up entrepreneurship
  • Coordinated the Flagship Event of ACE Club(Internmela’16)


3D Printing Aggregator (2017 – present)

  • SculpIt brings 3D Printing community one step closer to everyone’s door step
  • Part of initial idea formulating team
  • Worked as an integral part of Design and Technical team of SculpIt while heading the same
  • Part of Official Website development team


Campus Ambassador of Internshala (2017 – Present)

  • Promoting Internshala brand inside the college



Quadcopter (2015)

  • It is Multi Rotor Unmanned Flying vehicle
  • This project is done based on DJI Naza-M lite Multi-rotor Stabilization Controller Board

Line Follower and other Bluetooth controlled robots (2016)

  • Arduino based robots which can communicate through a Bluetooth channel (2.4 to 2.48 GHz) to your mobile phone

Brain Wave Controlled Robot (2017)

  • Brainsense Headset based robot
    A Bluetooth tether is established between the Headset and the bot
  • The bot has been programmed to manoeuvre according to the percentage of attention and meditation states

IOT Sensor Interfacing Project (2017)

  • BOLT IOT developer board and NodeMCU (ESP8266) are used in the interfacing of different sensors and the data was displayed over a cloud network onto a mobile device
  • Proximity Sensor, Light Dependent Resistor, Pulse sensor (Heart beat monitor project) were used

 Form Builder (2017)

  • A Form Builder Application which can make event approval in colleges 10 times faster
  • It is a community where students, staff and administrators of the college participate to eliminate the tiresome job of submitting letters for every approval
  • Firebase hosting and Servers are used to run the application


Live in Labs (2017 -Present)

Status: In progress
Mentor: Asst. Prof. Sagar Basavaraju
Dept. of Electronics and Communication
Guidance: Live in Labs team, Amrita Centre for International Programs(ACIP)

  • In this project, we are working on ways to improve the situation in Indian Rural Community using Engineering
  • The aim of our project under Live in Labs is to provide an alternative way of living for the people in Dunda village, Uttarakhand by using technology and its perks

Smart Street Lighting System Using Light on Demand and LDR
(2017 – Present)
Status: In progress
Asst. Prof. Sagar Basavaraju

  • A system which can turn the street lights ON or OFF based on number of vehicles moving on streets
  • Combining the power of LDR and Light on Demand we could truly achieve the automated street Lighting System


  • Avid book reader
  • Reads a lot of fiction (Modern Literature)
  • Blogger at booksnblogging.wordpress.com
  • Writes about books, Book Reviews Character Analysis, Online Book Tags’
  • Works on projects using Arduino, NodeMCU, Raspberry Pi (Sensor Interfacing) Mostly IOT based projects
  • Very keen on learning new skills on YouTube
  • Completed a CCNA (200-120) Module in YouTube
  • Watches and Reads a lot about new tech gadgets
  • Carnatic Music (3 Years of training with a private tutor – Keyboard as supplementary instrument)
  • Loves Designing (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and other online tools)