MOM is mars orbiter mission in which our scientists incorporated nearly five satellites , even more clearly five instruments which collect the data in and around the mars . This is a great thing for any country to achive and india is one of them . Mars orbiter mission has got another name MANGAL yaan which means jjourney to mars in sanskrit .For india it is the first interplanetary mission , which succeeded in its first attempt in reaching the mars orbit. It is the fourth in number when we come across all nations after NASA , European space agency , and Soviet space program . But none of hese succeded in their first attempt . This was actually launched with the help of a polar launch vehicle(pslv) , in SHAR (satish dhawan space center) sriharikota.
Mom nearly spent a month in lower earth geocentric orbit in which it made a series of seven altitiude raising orbital manouvoures before its trans planetary injection which means leaving the earths orbit and heading towards the mars orbit . s raised seven altitudal changes to get injected into the trans planetary orbit of mars. Actually this was planed to be launched with the help of GSLV (geosynchorous launch vehicle), this was more powerful than the later but this was noticed to fail twice in 2010 so they planed for launching it with the help of pslv . As this low powered cryogenic engine cannot thrust it upto the mars they chose to launch it forst in the geocentric orbits and later with help of orbital raising manvoure they injected this mars orbiter mission to trans planetary orbit .

The main objectives of this mission is for the deep space communication and to study the martian surface and atmosphere. The scintists developed this with such a low cost that in hindu daily pointed that it costs less than a single bus ride for every individual in india. This is the first inter palnetary mission made out of such a low cost.

INTROSPECTION- open heart..

What does it mean to have a” OPEN HEART” ? Is it just warm welcoming or humble beahviour? Or something beyond what it actually mean ? I got struck at this article, this was an article published in the esteemed hindu daily. I read it and read for four times , still i cannot find what it actually meant . But i want to explain and add tadbit of my understanding it would be tangible.

What the author want to explain is about the modern realtionship and how fast and quick-witted they are? I can definitely say there is a intercept change in what our parents feel about relationship to what we feel today. It is really substantial today nothing is as real as it should be. If i come to this OPEN HEART it is quite catchy and somewhat interesting . The writer of this article expalins in this way, he was travelling using public transport ,and there he found a old lady sitting with her brolly and handbag. He sat beside her and the bus continued to move. The lady then quickly made the speech . She told the author with a smile that reached her eyes  that she under went a open heart surgery recently. The author was quelled with her line. He quickly asked about her what she meant then the old lady explained that she realized how modern realtions are and opened her heart to see everything. An open heart is perhaps simply accepting what we are really. Many of us play act a lot to be others , but being ourself with no facade is eternal . All the shortcomigs revenges and animosites , altercations , everything is ephimeral .

In order to be someone we lose our really identity and that leads nowhere? Why try to be someone else be yourself and selfrespect is ultimate. When you are not firm in youre ideas than obvious thing is you cannot stand by them . Fix something in youre mind but when youre fixing or aiming for some success chose the modest way possible . Don’t set unpractical goals, be grounded to what you affirm and aspir to do. That is the only way to keep youre identity alive. If you change according to others will you will never identify yourself but instead you are really degenerating some of youre innate abilites. To reach the set targets you stand by yourself. Belief is the basic fundamental element in success or in realations. But most of the times we are offended by failure or lionized by sucess , these two are exteemites and i bet none of them will ever work to succeed in reality. Nurture youre goals , don’t loose confidence by failures . Another most important thing is many of us are not willing to change  with times . Changing with times is entirely diffirent from chaniging yourself. Opening youre windows of mind is important , we should accept the change but should not be swept away by that . We fight with ourselves and build unnecessary boundaries which make us incompetent.

Try to break the boundaries that you set and build them so strongly that no one can break except you… Think out of the box. ….


               I have to say that , i find a strong nexus or somekind of attraction towards books. Not all but some fascinate me much more than what a movie does? If i have to say about old literature(to my best known facts) it really tests your worth while reading. But in contrary, modern literature there is lot of derision and ad hock kind of writing. It is not that mature and much probably i can i say amature version of great works. Not much creative work is really going on today, everything we read is as simple as we eat. Spoon feeding is the major adversary the present generation is facing. Everything is easily available and refering to citing in some journal , i want tell , that if we excesively and exhaustively depend on others like parasites , one day we will definitely face a paroxysm of nature. Tech” is very cool thing now a days ! But it causes lot of pollution and it is underpinning  cause  for  global warming . Not to go into environment , iam just saying . Vintage vs modern , i vote for vintage.

                  Vintage spruces up the life and even though it doesn’t comfort us as modern socitey does, it is perpetual. Nothing can ever parallel vinatge life. Life was so simpler then no complexity. No computers , no mobiles, no motor vehicles. There was innudate ammount of trees, people use to work hard ,that keeps them fit. There is no need to be a dapper to lead a robust life , it  is enough to do our work with out beining reliant on someone or something. We have to perk ourself up and move towards reality. All the comforts we experince were not at all a lineage . We created them and they showed us a intercept change of lifestyle . But we don’t realise it soon that we are in world of phantom , later we become insolvent to nature. That is what W.R Inge told in his entire set of writings . I am very much inspired by his writings , i may not read his writings in a meticulous way but to my understanding and perception i was correct. We are now siphoning off  a legacy of unhealthy life habbits and making our future generations or our posterity stoic! Many writings and much more discourses are emerging out everyday , but the affliction of them on our lifestyle is zero . In order to be stylish and more modern we are leaving a great cult and the ethos of what we used to follow earlier.

           I bet none of the comforts make us happy we are just finding a new  meaning to adversary on the cost of our present day lifestyle. My opinion of facing virulent and hostile adversaries is , not so good to face them . But we are on the edge and soon they will be on our way , so be shrewd about all the things you follow. Be grounded to the cult and type of proceedings all the stuff that our previous generations had followed. Don’t  play the card of a savage be responsible on your part . Quell all the things which you feel you are in doing  something wrong or which you feel this is not we are supposed to  do? There is nothing much a single person or a single government can do to change the world habbits . It all depends on the civilians !!!!


Nothing can compete with college days, they are really cheesy and cute. I enjoyed the most in my inter. You know   what ?  the intermediate has a sound meaning inside it , to my analysis nothing can be so judgemental in that time, if i have to say about me , it is a whole lot of befuddle right there. But ironically the confusion is the fun , joy and everything for me. Banters and brawls with friends, feeling empty sometimes and boasting ourselves many times. All these are facts of teenage and college days. We feel , in my case i felt   Very shallow  after my college, much probably very ideal . I can feel it , i already lost two wonderful years of fun and banter, but still i hope there is lot of fun awaiting for me .

Our college friends and I decided to celebrate grandly after the college days and we thought of farewell , it  would be the best party ever, but happless thing is many of our college Buddys are not ready to pay off for farewell. Later we gave up  the idea of fare well. I lost a great time, if have to say something about my gang , really we are gossip gang ! We have each and every piece of information and even a small gossip ? No chance of leaving anything . Our gang is the information and broadcasting network of college. Who is talking to who? Who copied in the exam? What is going in the staff room? Which teacher knocked other teacher? Ah what to say ,really we keep lot  of information, and play very intelligent card of knowing everything. Keeping gossip as a secret is a big task for us, mainly i cannot keep secrets ? And my frnds never try to tell something about that with me. But still i will be knowing the information from other sources. Some of my friends feed on gossip and some take it very light, but i act a lot, like when they see me , they would defintiely think that i was hearing them . But in reality none of them would ever make some  place in my mind. They are just funny and i swing both sides ,  Read and play at the same time!

At the end of the day if anybody respected you , that is all because of your real talent. What is your place in class ? how often you feel proud ? These are  the only things that really  matter ,none of  our gossip will take us to IIT , but gossip is for fun and pleasure. My teachers and friends feel that i do lot of chemistry , i give equal priority to all of them. Class subjects are really boring , if you ask any IIT aspirant for the exact reason why he or she need to get into IIT ‘s they cannot tell? I bet they will never gonna figure out why ! The common answer is to get better jobs and money! I think of it all the times is there anything beyond money and study! Who knows , Atleast i donn know the answer know ? Cheesy endings every one need that , with a smile and happiness all the time and lots of money , name ….. There it goes , a exaustive list and no one is going to shortlist , because everyone need all of those adjectives or nouns WHATEVER! My cheesy ending is on the WAY…. (to my college), to start a new friend circle in engineering… make loads of fun …..( Study )ofcourse we need to top the class…. That will be my great cheesy story,and i hope i will find much more interesting things to write and ……

Day 6 and 7

The only time i feel releaved from all kinds of stress and pressure would be weekends , in my view weekends are ultimate . Sipping a steaming cup of coffee in the dusk of the sunday evenings would be a pleasure dream for me. My dream might be very funny , but i enjoy that . A whole lot of things go around us and for me i will be in hurry and probably i would be rifiling for things . I waste a lot time in searching things rather than using them. It is so sad but i do that all the time. One more pleasure thing for me in the weekends is music . Iam a very mad lover of music , but i don’t get chance to listen and enjoy my fav music all the time. For me bollywood and classic telugu songs are the best. They just clear the things of our mind , and atleast for me music works well.

If have to really tell my routine in weekends it is really difficult . Because for me weekend is the time to nurture all my hobbies. Sometimes i play keyboard and see if can create something new, or i might be drawing and sketching faces. When i skectch faces i don’t know , i feel that , this is the face i should really give a try. Then only i sit to draw. I never sketch my friends and mates photos or faces. Because there is nothing special in that. My best sketches ever were sharukhs and karan johar. That is all about my sketches..

As i told you i like coffee the most , i spend lot of spare time with coffee and thinking. You might wonder what do i ever think , that deeply and in such a great seclusion. Really if i have to be candid “i really don’t know”, i dream lot , may i am a day dreamer . But lot of things which i dream would never everbe posssible at alll. Such a eccentric things would never happen to anyone. I want to tell one of my unsual dreams , once i was sitting in my parlour it was morining six o clock , being a sunday morning everybody was torpid than ever and feeling lazy. I was having my hot coffee , suddenly what struck my mind i really don’t know, but i realized after awhile that i was dreaming of me being a great sceintist . Yes , it may be possible but my dream was really unsual at that moment . I suggest not to dream like me beacause , if you dream , i bet  you are in a huge problem !

PEPPER – Upper….

If you want me talk something turns on the moment , i have much to say about that. As the title of my journal pepper upper already had the fun element and the bling in it. This journal focuses on all kinds fun and pranks. They may be about me my college, movies , songs oh anything. I want to make something really interesting and when i thought of something it klicked or flashed my “mind ” suddenly . It is very intersting to make this fun things. It is not at all a facade , but truly all about me and the whole journal resonates myself . Every word would definitely  relates me in one way or the other . In this journal i would touch upon few things of my journey till now and i would also like to add some really funny college banters…

A friendship tale…..

It was my first day in school , i am never punctual and happless thing is i was late on my first day too. I hurriedfrom the gate to my classroom , like i runned in no time , as i reached my class i choking and reqlly sweating. Everyone justhad bizzare look at me? Even the teacher was feeling lost. They might be probablythinking who is this geek late for the first day? I startled for few moment and started to introduce myself, like iam so and so , i got my newadmission, like that kind of stuff. Then teacher who was teaching a lesson, being interrupeted by me , hesisitatingly called me inside and told me to take my seat . Then i entered the room, but i was so confused where to sit , then one girl beckoned me to sit beside her . I sat down and started to concentrate on lesson . The class finished in the next thirtyminutes and we got our first break . Everyone asked about  me , like my name where i studied previosly , after answering all those absurd questions i turned to my seat,and looking at the schedule. I don’t know why but thegorl next to me was some way different from others , i could sense her , she was not so meticulous about my details but she started talking to me as she knew me a hundread years ago.

                     But i  noticed later she was talking to everyone in the same way. Later i never sat beside her nor i tried to talk to her , i used to have my own friend circle. Ofcourse she to have a friend circle  . Everyone in the class does have one? Not too eccentric , quite common thing, but the differnce is what kind friends do you prefer. Exactly i  don’t know how i met her again . In one word no idea atttalll…. But  something made us frnds , really i could smell some kind of indeginous bond between us. We never liked each other till the end of my high school , each day we would think of new kind of brawl and banter. I didn’t like evrything about her , she and her girl gang used to have lot of classroom gossip and who broke their friendship , who talks to whom  and eveything . I am literally not of that kind i don’t indulge in such topics, that might be one of the reasons which i preferd to keep away from her. She also showed a lot of resentment towards me , she never treated me as human. There comes all the magic , which out no reason and bening cause we made a bond ( friendship) . Actually it started in this way , my friends used to go by bus , but i preferd walking home. At first i walked home alone , later i was accompained by my apartment friend later she chose not to come with me for other reasons . Then at that time she also walked home and i wanted a company. So slowly i started to talk with her , and she was not too hesistant and quiclky made the  talk . In that way we walked back home everyday ,our friendship and the equation which we share today is the result of five minute walk ! In that walk we shared our ideas and had a better understanding with each other . Eventually the walk and talk turned out to be friendship . It is really very strange friendship .That is what frndship is all about. It’s vibe and aura are extremly magical .Understanding each other and no matter what you hear of your frnd ,it is the basic prerogative of the frndship. We have had lots of banters and fun ..


Why do black holes have high gravity?

To know about the black hole first we need to understand what a supernova is? A supernova is actually a gigantic explosion in space. When a star uses up all its nuclear fuel it either blows up, shrinks, tuns cold or becomes a back hole. It all depends on the size of the star . When the star is big then it burns at a faster pace and die young. It is not the case if the star is small, it burns slowly and live long.
Supernova is formed when a big star uses up all its fuel and it is about blow. It finishes off with a super red giant. For minutes after the explosion the supernova flares and burns with all the last bit of energy it has and eminates the brilliance of nearly billions of stars at a time.
The center of the star is violently compressed by the shock of the explosion. As it compresses , it becomes denser and denser and it’s gravity becomes more and more powerfull , until it shrinks to a single tiny point of infinite density called a “singularity ” . The singularity sucks space into a black hole, such that even no light can escape from it .

What exams mean to me?

Aha! Finally exams are about to come and the same old mind set of students to lament over them? What had really changed allt he times right from our parents  vision of exams to youth of today . To be precise nothing has changed. But there is a need to change it. As we are already aware of PM “mann ki bhat” programme on all india radio, he did a great job in convincing the students with his magical words . Every time students may not get same kind training before exams , and meanwhile , between the exams by frnds or parents. The fact is they need to develop a kind of atmoshpere around them before the exams . If you    really do this  ,it may help you a lot. We all need to interconnect this satement given by PM MODI ji”life is much bigger than academic exams” they are just a small part of it. We need not bother a lot about them. But the thing is we need perform our year’s best in them. We need to strive hard to get good scores, and should never feel that they are some kind of burden . This is the time  prove the students worth and to show how capable they are! So lazy at this time may cause a huge burden in the futuer life.

While the students start preparing for there board exams parents should give there maximum support and attention to them. They should support there children with some motivation  about the futuree life and not merely on scoring well int he exams . They should convince their children to score well but they should not stress a lot only about scoring. There are lot of things much better than scoring . The tips i can give  are , be steady and don’t listen to anyone , if you are confident in scoring good marks. Listen to your self and just go on studying . But if you are of weak mind and yout think you are not concentrating well then you will need someone to motivate you. Make a study plan quickly and don’t waste time in palning what to study and really leaving study. Just be quick in making a plan. Brace your self and ait straight when you are going to study. Dn’t study too long just take breaks in between your study. The last word which i think that i can advice you is be confident about yourself , just be straight , son’t listen to anyone else, pls dothis , this will help you find out who YOU ARE?

All the best guys! Good luck .


We think of resonance , what is it? How does it happen? What is the reason?  Now i would like to explain something about this resonance …

We cannot draw specific and definite structures for some compounds realted to organic chemistry . Why is this so means such compounds exhibit resonance and they are least stabilized by the any one the cannonical structures(different structures wich the compound exbhits to get stabilised ). The basic fact of the universe is ” every one of us try to get stablity”. It may be any kind of work, a process , a chemical reaction what ever it may be the basic target is to get stability.

This theory of resonance was propagated by many famous scientists , among them kekule, dewar are most popular. These scientists proposed different structure for the benzene which  is one of the aromatic compuonds which exhibit resonance. Donot get confused with the term aromatic this is nothing but the compounds which exbhit the resonance are called aromatic compounds. Every resonating compound need not be  aromatic but every aromatic compound resonates. The term resonance means increase in amplitude , which ia physical meaning but chemically it does mean with a differnet attitude . It is a stability process . If you look at this resonating  structures of the benzene we can get some clarity on what it means . You can see down there the kekules benzene resonating structures , the benzene can take the all possible alternate doble bond positions and exhibit the resonance.  The main thing for the resonance is having the delocalised electrons , this delocalised electrons are being exchanged between different atoms in a compound , which something like osciltaing with  some amplitude , which really suits for the physical meaning of the resonance, the meaning does’nt change the change is in the process. Any compound whoch has delocalised e-can exhibit resonance, the resonance sturcture has very less energy when compared to other cannonical structures individually.


Resonating structures

     Resonating structures

In the benzene there are 6 carbons and 6 hydrogens in which there is carbon carbon dobule bond exsist. In benzene each carbon is surrounded by three sp2 hybridised orbitals and one un hybridised p orbital with the unpaired electron .

The six unhybridised p orbitals form theree delocalised pi bonds by side wise overlap..

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