We all want something more, don’t we? A few years down the lane we had Full HD monitors, which at that time were a huge thing to us. Full HD? FULL HD!? May be now a days you won’t find Full HD displays that much, but the world is moving on dude.. You got to move along. So, today we are using 4K and 8K monitors. What are these things? why do we want to spend a ton of money just on a screen? For those of you who think this way, here is the answer.

Full HD has 1920X1080 pixels display. That means 20,73,600 pixels per inch. Think about the detailing it can do to the video or picture on the screen. Every inch has 20,73,600 pixels, you can’t even tell the pixels apart from each other! They are so densely populated.

But why 4K? We want more. As I told you at the beginning of the post. We are not satisfied with 1080p. Now we can see ultra slim 4K monitors and people mostly in the gaming industry are building 16K and 8K displays using 4K monitor arrays.

4K monitor is 3840 pixels × 2160 lines. Pixels are the vertical columns and lines are the horizontal ones. So the LCD display which you are probably using, flashes a white light as the background and turns on the pixels according to the video or picture input. Each of these pixels have red, green and blue colors. Have you ever wondered how you could see those many color on screen? Here is a little secret for you. These red, green and blue pixels when mixed in different proportions makes up a color space called sRGB. In fact there are a couple more color spaces called AdobeRGB and Pro PhotoRGB, which obviously has a lot more color combinations – to get a better contrast. As you move up the color space you get closer to original picture contrast. In most of our daily display panels and monitors they use sRGB space.

Getting back to 4K.

More pixels = Better picture clarity

As you can imagine 8K (7680×4320) is nothing but a screen which has more pixels than 4K.

Why the name 4K or 8K for that matter?

If you multiple the number of pixels and number of lines in 4K, the result is around 4 thousand. Yeah, that is the exact reason why they call it 4K and in 8K it is around 8 thousand.


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