Duration: June 2017 to April 2018

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I have been a part of an amazing project by my university called Live In Labs. It is a beautiful excercise for engineering students. It gave me a chance to stop and look around and figure out the problems that we face on daily basis. This is a 3 credit course, on which I was graded Outstanding for the research and observations our team did in Dunda, Uttarakhand.

Our team went to a remote village in Uttarakhand and tried to co-exisit with the villagers. It was very difficult to adjust to the village life style for 15 days. Nevertheless the experience was one of a kind and it really did open up our minds.

We also wrote an academic paper based on our observations and study. It was published in IEEE TIAR 2018. In that paper we listed out the problems the villagers are facing currently what we think should be done to solve those problems.

We discussed some really burning problems that Indian rural community faces – Urban Migration and Lack of Skills. You can read the paper here, to get more idea on what is happening in the village we surveyed.

If you are interested to know what Live in Labs is, you should probably click here.

Smart Street Lighting System Using Light on Demand and LDR
(2017 – Present)
Status: In progress
Asst. Prof. Sagar Basavaraju

  • A system which can turn the street lights ON or OFF based on number of vehicles moving on streets
  • Combining the power of LDR and Light on Demand we could truly achieve the automated street Lighting System

I often try out some new things with developer boards and software. So, here are the list of a few things that I did when I feel regular engineering is too boring. Below projects are done as part of the workshops I attended or done simple for the understanding.

Quadcopter (2015)

  • It is Multi Rotor Unmanned Flying vehicle
  • This project is done based on DJI Naza-M lite Multi-rotor Stabilization Controller Board

Line Follower and other Bluetooth controlled robots (2016)

  • Arduino based robots which can communicate through a Bluetooth channel (2.4 to 2.48 GHz) to your mobile phone

Brain Wave Controlled Robot (2017)

  • Brainsense Headset based robot
    A Bluetooth tether is established between the Headset and the bot
  • The bot has been programmed to manoeuvre according to the percentage of attention and meditation states

IOT Sensor Interfacing Project (2017)

  • BOLT IOT developer board and NodeMCU (ESP8266) are used in the interfacing of different sensors and the data was displayed over a cloud network onto a mobile device
  • Proximity Sensor, Light Dependent Resistor, Pulse sensor (Heart beat monitor project) were used

 Form Builder (2017)

  • A Form Builder Application which can make event approval in colleges 10 times faster
  • It is a community where students, staff and administrators of the college participate to eliminate the tiresome job of submitting letters for every approval
  • Firebase hosting and Servers are used to run the application