Current Research

My area of interest is Wireless Communication and I am doing a project on Device to Device Communication in 5G Cellular Networks. It is a very interesting topic because of the sheer vastness and peer interest in this particular concept. The need for faster communication is growing. With 4G LTE and LTE advanced almost run their course the next mobile technology evolution is going to be 5G. This will not only increase the data rates but provide proper communication both indoor and outdoor.

My particular interest is on reducing the multipath fading effects on the channel and the transmitted signal. The distortions in the channel indoors and outdoors varies exponentially. The prime goal in 5G communication is to separate both communications and provide a microwave high frequency channels to the indoor communication and less frequency channels to the outdoors.

There is a lot of research is going in this area and whenever I get to a new conclusion in my project I will definitely update this page with more relevant data and observations.